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Terms and Conditions

Product Guarantee

We guarantee that our products will be as stated, and delivered in a timely manner. All sales are final. There are no refunds. If you have a problem with any product received, please contact us immediately. Within our discretion, we may replace the product.


Online purchases must be made with a credit card. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

You will receive your printable receipt at the email address you provide us at time of purchase. We will contact you at the email address you provide with this and any other information about your order. Please be sure that the information you provide is correct and that any spam filters or email authentication systems on your email account are set to receive email from Shay and Company.


Please allow 3 days for us to get your order out. If it is possible for us to fill your order sooner, we will strive to do so.

All items will be shipped UPS Ground. You may also pick up your items from our store for free (no shipping charges). Click here for directions to our store.

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please call us to place your order. We will work together to get your item shipped the best possible way, based on the item size, amount, etc.


Any personal information that you provide to Shay and Company will be kept confidential and not given out or used for any unauthorized purposed.